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PainTrain Committee

Want to join committee? See below for more information.

Current Members and Available Roles


Carla Hakim

Advanced Pain Trainee

South Yorkshire

Trainee Representative FPM

Richard Berwick 

Advanced Pain Trainee


Core Training Representative

Lauren Glen

Stage 1 Trainee

South Yorkshire


Available Role


Nicola Johnson

ST6 Anaesthesics 

West Yorkshire

Consultant Representitive FPM

Shiva Tripathi

Consultant in Pain Medicine

North West

Research Co-Ordinators

Vitul Manhas & Serena Yen

ST6           APT

East Midlands West Yorkshire

Publicity Officer

Available Role

Academic Lead

Harriet Kemp

Advanced Pain Trainee



Sharon Tam

Stage 1 trainee 

East Midlands

Intermediate and Higher Training Representative

Paul Kim



Collaboration Officer

Joanna Krawczyk



Could you take on a Committee Role?

The PainTrain Committee previously co-ordinated the national GABACUTE study. Many of our original members have gone on to CCT and are developing impressive research and editorial careers as consultants. At present a small group of us meet virtually approximately monthly to help coordinate our program of educational activities and hope to launch some exciting new research projects over the next year.


If you would like to join committee please email a <500 word statement on which available role you would like and why before the 7th of October 2022. We are also accepting applications from candidates who are happy to apply to a general committee role rather than a specific post. 

We hope to notify sucessful applicants in the middle of October. 

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